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Born and raised in the Palmetto State of South Carolina, The group TRUTH which consists of Hollywood & Sheena, known to others as Terrence T Gadson & Sheena A Gadson. Both were born and raised in rough economic times, which made their drive and ambition much higher to obtain a better lifestyle. At very young ages they both recognized a liking for music, entertainment, and art. Music became a way for them to express their inner feelings and present situations. Terrence and Sheena were raised mostly by their mothers, which gave them a different outlook on life. The group TRUTH met at the ages of 15 (SHEENA) & 16 (TERRENCE) at Spring Valley High School. 11 years later with hard work, dedication, and motivation—II The Top Entertainment & the group Truth was formed. Out to make a mark on the music and entertainment world. The group TRUTH strives to make the best music possible that everyone can relate to. TRUTH’S music represents hard-work, struggle, pain, happiness, God, and life situations. Being a male/female band gives the world two points of view and not just one side to the story. Their style is style of music is alternative hiphop/r&b known to be grown and sexy, yet edgy. The message that they send to others is to be the best at what you do, and if you have a goal or a dream the group TRUTH is proof that it can be accomplished. A famous quote that TRUTH lives by is... "Don’t waste time saying you can't do something: Find a reason why you can do it". Now in 2010 going into 2011, TRUTH is set to take over the music scene by any means necessary, With their won't stop attitudes, they're determined to be number one.